This is for YOU if you want simple tools to unlocking anxiety and depression, releasing emotional blocks, and increasing energy to create deeper happiness

Hosted By Denise Antoinette

Denise Antoinette is the founder and CEO of the Sprinkle Love Society, with a mission to spread awareness on being a participant of your mental wellness, so that our children have a beautiful example and feel permission to be themselves. 

Denise has always been intentional about serving others and it was only natural that she would end up doing so as a Registered Social Worker and Holistic Wellness Coach, based in Toronto, Canada. She believes in the power of a community that is warm and resonates on a level below the surface, allowing the beauty of vulnerability to exist, and the ability of shame to strip away layer by layer. 

Denise is passionate about facilitating experiences where wholesome healing takes place, by providing a cozy space with a foundation of love to empower women to own and live within her authenticity, while simultaneously acknowledging her shadow.  The collective intention is to be able to sit in a deep seat of contentment that invites a space of self-acceptance and falling in love with yourself (all over again).

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